Something To Give Up – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to end a bad habit. While I’ve never tried this consciously, there are definitely some bad habits I’d like to kick!

Negative Thinking

This is something I definitely struggle with. Sometimes it’s easy for me to slump into a negative attitude. Sometimes it’s easy for me to bring myself down. Sometimes it’s too easy for me to worry. All of these are a waste of my time and energy, and I end up feeling anxious over being negative almost daily. Recently I have been telling myself that happiness is a choice and to find something good in every day. This has been helping me a lot, and hopefully if I keep it up I can replace my bad habit with an awesome one!


I think this is something everyone has a problem with at times, haha! I let myself procrastinate on things I’m dreading and on things I’m excited to do. Cleaning, blogging, studying, exercising, errands, and goals I procrastinate. I’d much rather sit on the couch and play on my phone. I know that I should do my chores instead of procrastinating so that way I can do nothing guilt free! I’d like to give up procrastinating so I can get things done and feel accomplished and proud of myself!


What is something you want to give up? A habit? A food? Giving up isn’t always a bad thing. No matter what you want to give up, let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Words You Need To Share – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Words to share. Hm. This is a little difficult for me, because there is nothing personal I feel I need to share on my blog, since I try my best to be as open and honest as I can on here. Instead of sharing my own words, I want to share some of my favorite quotes and sayings in hopes that they will resonate with those of you reading this.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore

What are your favorite quotes and sayings? Are there any words you need to share? Let’s explore our thoughts together!



Reasons To Feel Happy – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

This is not something I have been reflecting on as much as I should lately. In the last few days I have had a lot of car trouble so I’ve let a little cloud hang over my head. But now I am happy to think of reasons to be happy!

  1.  I have an incredibly supportive family. My car broke down when I was driving back to college from my hometown and my family dropped everything to come to my rescue. My sister came to pick me up from the gas station where I was stranded and my parents went to pick my car up from the gas station a few hours later. The next day my dad and I tried to fix the problem on our own. Although we didn’t fix the problem, I got to spend a lot of time with my dad and that was really awesome.
  2. I am getting new appliances tomorrow! The apartment where I live has been going through renovations slowly but surely. A few months ago they put in new hardwood floors, a month ago they replaced the old furniture with new furniture, and tomorrow they are putting in new appliances! This means they’ll be giving the apartment a new oven and oven top, refrigerator, and washer and dryer. I am very excited because this is the last stage of the renovation and my roommates and I don’t have to pay for any of it!
  3. I leave for Chile in 2 weeks! This is very surreal to me because my trip does not feel that close. I still have a couple things to do like order some of the currency and get some of my prescriptions but I am almost ready to go! Luckily I have a friend that is already down there and she has been giving me advice about clothes and money which I am very grateful for! I am so excited for this trip!
  4. I am about to be a senior in college! This is bittersweet, but I am excited nonetheless. I miss going to classes, I miss my on campus job, I miss my roommates, I miss my boyfriend, and I miss going to different fun events with them. I am working on a Senior Year Bucket List so I can have the best senior year possible!

Writing this post has put me in a super duper good mood! What are your reasons to be happy? Let’s explore these things and feel happier together!


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. What is my dream job??? I’m a year away from graduating college but after that I’m planning on going to grad school, so that should buy me some time! There are a few things I know I want out of my dream job though.

One thing I know for sure is that I want to help the environment. My very first summer job was giving cavern tours and working outside. I think this had a huge influence on me! Getting to spend time in nature and see others enjoy made a huge impact on me. I also grew up in a town with a river that many people come to tube and near a lake that my family and I would visit during the summers. While I never went camping or did anything very difficult outdoors, I spent a lot of time outside at home and on vacations. All of that time instilled a love of nature in me, and I would love a career where I work to protect nature for others.

I’ve also always been interested in politics and the government! I could never work as a politician because that would be too much stress but I think it would be interesting to work with the government. It has the potential to impact so many people and I would love to use that potential to make a positive impact and make lives better. Another way I would love to make a positive impact is through NGOs. NGOs also have a lot of potential to help others and enrich lives, and I would absolutely love to do that.

What is your dream job? Have you found it? Or are you still looking for it like me? Join me and let’s explore where our dreams can take us!


Image may contain: text

This meme basically sums up what home is as a college student, haha! You have more than one home and always feel confused on where you want to be.

While I’m in school my apartment is my home. This is where I study, where I eat, and where I live with my four best friends. This is where I go to have my spirits lifted, have a good laugh, and talk about life. This is where I go to know that I am not alone. There will always be someone to share my excitements and burdens with, and I am always there for my friends to share with me too.

Whenever school is out for winter or summer break I go to my home home. The home where I grew up. This is where my parents go to bed early and wake up even earlier. This is where my older sister bosses me around to do chores, then cracks a joke. This is where we all sit and eat dinner together and talk and watch TV together. This is where I share my hopes and dreams and fears and receive unconditional love in return.

Last summer in Costa Rica I had a home in San Jose. This summer is a little weirder though. I know I’ll have a home in Santiago when I go to Chile, but what about now? I lived in the house where I was pet sitting but I didn’t feel at home. I have my apartment but I’m the only one there this summer. So until I go to Chile, the library is the closest thing to a home I have. This is where I go to work as a tutor. This is where my coworkers and I talk about life and laugh. This is where I smile the most during the day. As the old saying goes…

…Home is where the heart is

Where Were You Five Years Ago? – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Five years ago seems like a lifetime ago! I was 16, and it was the summer before my junior year of high school. I feel so old saying that, haha! A lot of things were different then…

First off, I did not have a drivers license. This automatically made my summer pretty boring. Since I couldn’t drive I couldn’t go run errands by myself or see friends by myself. This also meant I couldn’t drive myself to a job. So I was bored and broke…

I also only spent time with my then boyfriend. He was my first serious boyfriend and I was crazy in love with him. While it was the summer before my junior year of high school, it was the summer before his freshman year of college. So I spent as much time with him as I could before we entered a long distance relationship.

This was a weird time for me because 16 is an age when people start becoming independent and I felt like I wasn’t. I still depended on my parents to drive me around and only wanted to see my boyfriend. My junior year of high school was amazing, but the summer leading up to it was full of growing pains.

Where Were You A Year Ago? – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

A year ago I was spending my summer in Costa Rica! That’s right. 10 weeks in a beautiful paradise with wonderful people and even more wonderful experiences! It would be hard to detail all these experiences so I’ll just give some highlights…


One of my very first excursions in Costa Rica was to Monteverde! It’s about five hours away from San Jose in the mountains and is absolutely gorgeous. Monteverde is a cloud forest, one of the rarest ecosystems on earth! Hiking through the forest is like visiting another world. The trees are humongous and the clouds pass through the mountains effortlessly. As well as hiking through the cloud forest, my friends and I took a night hike where our tour guide told us all about different plants, animals, and insects! I learned so much that night and loved it every minute of it.


After spending time in the mountains, I visited the beach in Manual Antonio National Park! People come from all over the world to see the beaches in this park and its no wonder why. It has some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen. This is also where I saw some of my first sloths and monkeys! The sloths were what you’d expect – lazy, slow, and very fun to look at. The monkeys were very different. They would get close to bags in hopes of stealing food and swing right over people! Manual Antonio was an exciting trip for sure!


You see the girl jumping off the cliff into the waterfall? Yeah. That’s me. One weekend my friends and I went to a small beach town on the Pacific coast named Montezuma. While we were there went off the beaten path to this amazing waterfall! Luckily this was one of many waterfalls I had the chance to visit. The water was fresh and cool, and it was a lot of fun to just swim and chat with friends. Before we left I went ahead and jumped off the cliff! It was terrifying, but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t make the leap!


What else can there be to see after going to the mountains, the beach, and some waterfalls? A volcano apparently! Volcan Arenal is a beautiful volcano surrounded by a lake, a cozy town, and even some hot springs! We spent the morning hiking by the volcano and learning about it’s history and the ecosystem encircling it. Afterwards we spent a relaxing afternoon at Baldi Hot Springs! This weekend had the best of both worlds!


This last photo was taken a day before I left my second home. In Downtown San Jose close to the government’s legislature is a sidewalk full of murals just like this! It was amazing to see such incredible art being encouraged in the city. A lot of the art dealt with social issues, but I absolutely adored this bubbly piece! It sums up how happy my time in Costa Rica really was.

Where were you a year ago? Where do you want to be a year from now? Let’s explore our past and future!

P.S. Looking at these pictures has made me seriously home sick for Costa Rica! I want to go back! 😦


One of my FAVORITE things to try is new recipes! This is not something I have explored on my blog, but during the day I love to read about different recipes! Today I hope to share some of the recipes I’d like to try with you!

Maple Dijon Chicken

Blackberry-Babe-Headshot-2-768x512Two of my favorite toppings are dijon mustard and maple syrup. This recipe combines the two! I found the recipe on Pinterest but it come from The recipe only has five ingredients and takes thirty minutes to make! How great is that??? This is a recipe I am very excited to try!

Baked Parmesan Sweet Potatoes

baked-parmesan-sweet-potatoes-3This is another dish with two of my favorite foods! (If you couldn’t already tell, I have a lot of favorite foods.) This is a side dish from, and I can see it accompanying many different kinds of main dishes. This dish doesn’t have many ingredients either, but it takes a little bit longer since the recipe calls for cubed sweet potatoes and for the dish to be baked for about twenty minutes. Again, I’m excited to try this since it looks like it can go with almost any main dish!

Blueberry Arugula Salad

DSC_0019This recipe comes from and has the quickest preparation time at five minutes! It’s another recipe with not many ingredients (Are you sensing a theme here?) and the most work is put into creating the dressing. It’s a sweet and earthy salad with the blueberry, oregano, arugula, and honey that I can not wait to try!

What new thing do you want to try? A recipe? A hobby? Let’s explore the world of options ahead of us!

Your Top Priorities – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

For this summer I have three top priorities…

Prepare To Apply To Grad School

In the fall applications to graduate schools open and I want to be ready when the day arrives! This means studying for the GRE, working on my purpose statement, finding mentors to write recommendation letters for me, and a lot more. I want to apply to competitive programs which makes me nervous, but if I’m able to give the applications my best I’ll be proud of myself!

Prepare For Chile

This next priority actually happens before previous one, so I should probably focus on this one more! Haha! At the beginning of July I will be leaving for Chile for 6 weeks so I need to make sure I have everything I need for the trip! I ordered a 2 in 1 adapter and converter today so I can use my electronic devices. I also have a lot of winter clothes picked out to take with me. Since it’s summer in Texas and winter in Chile, my family is letting me borrow some of their winter clothes! Yay! Now I just need to check on things like prescriptions and whatnot and I’ll be good to go!

Have An Amazing Senior Year

This upcoming school year will be my SENIOR YEAR. AH! I am not ready to leave college yet, so I want to make this year incredible! I even have a senior year bucket list. This includes things that I’ve never done before and things that I might not get to do again once I leave college. (Just writing this has given me the idea to write a post about this list!!!) Whether or not I complete everything on the list, I just want to enjoy the last year of my college experience.

What are your top priorities? Is there anything you’re looking forward to? Let’s explore the world that’s ahead of us!

Your Best Qualities – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

The last few days I had a cold so I spent most of the day sleeping! But now that I’m feeling better, I’m ready to tackle this challenge!

  1. I love learning. I have always enjoyed school and am always curious to understand more!
  2. I am kind. I like helping others and making them feel good about themselves!
  3. I am relaxed. I try not to take life to seriously and try my best to go with the flow!
  4. I am funny. I love making jokes and laughing with my friends!
  5. I am a good friend. I am a very loyal person and love my friends with all my heart!

What are your best qualities? What else would you like to know about me? Let’s explore our qualities!

The Best Thing About Your Day – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Until I go to Chile, I’m not doing a lot this summer! Luckily what I am up to is pretty fun! Most nights I work at my university tutoring center. Not many students have come by for the subject I tutor (or in general), so usually the other tutors and I talk and hang out! It’s also the perfect time to study for the GRE. All in all, I’m basically getting paid to sit there and enjoy my evening.

The other thing that’s been fun is my astronomy class! It’s very relaxed and we’re learning fun things like how to use star charts and telescopes. Tonight we learned about where the seas on the moon are! The subject is really interesting and I always look forward to class.

One thing that is not fun is that I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days. I think my sinuses are acting up because I’ve been petsitting! 😦 I didn’t grow up with pets and pet allergies run in my family, so I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to figure things out. Hopefully I can find some help! It also makes me sad because the pets I’m watching are very sweet and I would hate it if they were making me sick!

What’s the best (or worst) part of your day? Is there anything you look forward to? Let’s explore the little things that make us happy!

Something To Remember – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Everyone has a mantra that they try to live by. Today, I’d like to share some of the mantras that I remember throughout the day that are important to me!

Choose happiness. About a year ago I struggled with anxiety, and while I am doing much better now I still have my bad days. So whenever I’m feeling down, and I’m feeling down because of things out of my control, I try to remind myself to choose happiness. I remind myself that I am in control of my happiness, not the things that happen to me. This brings me to my second mantra…

Keep things in perspective. The other day I locked my key in my car and it basically ruined my afternoon. When I called my dad to let him know what happened he told me about how my mom had locked her key, me, AND my sister in the car! Suddenly what had happened didn’t seem so bad. While some days are just bad days and it’s okay to feel upset over it, keeping things in perspective helps me choose happiness.

I think this Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them quote sums these two mantras up pretty well…

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” – Newt Scamander

There are two other very important mantras I try to remember:

Getting started is the hardest part. This is SO important for me to remember as a student. There’s a lot I need to do even if I don’t want to, but once I start an assignment I become engrossed in it! So whenever there’s a project that needs to get done, I always think of how good it’ll feel when I’m finished once I’m getting started.

Discipline is a muscle to be exercised.  As is resilience, and creativity, and endurance. Once I saw a video on Facebook, and a man was saying that practicing discipline is the best way to improve it instead of trying to save it for special occasions. I’ve continued to hear the same thing about resilience, creativity, and endurance: that if you want more of it, you need to practice it instead of assuming it will always be there.

What are the mantras you live by? What is something you try to remember? Let’s explore the things that we remember!


The Books In Your To Read List – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

The title of today’s challenge is the books in my to read list, but a more accurate one would be which books are not in my to read list! According to my Goodreads account, I have over 100 books on my to read list! That is a lot of books! Instead of trying to list them all, I want to talk about a few of the books I am looking forward to reading this summer!

Room by Emma Donoghue

FullSizeRender (2)



Room is the story of Jack, Ma, and the Room they live in. I didn’t hear about the book until the movie starring Brie Larson was released but was immediately fascinated by the story when I heard of it. Growing up I avoided emotional stories like this. Now I am ready to dive into the story!




The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

FullSizeRender (4)


The Nightingale is the about two sister’s separate journeys during World War II. It’s the newest book on this list since it was first published in 2015 but it is the one I have heard a lot about! I have read many reviews online but became really interested when one of my friends recommended it. I’m also drawn to the story of sisters. I myself have an older sister and we have a very strong bond, so I am very excited to learn about these sister’s paths and the relationship they share.



The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

FullSizeRender (3)



The Paris Wife is based on Hadley Richardson, Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, and her time with him in Paris. Although it was published in 2011, I didn’t hear about it until I went to the Ernest Hemingway House over this last spring break. After learning about Hemingway and his many wives, this book seemed like a must read!




What books are in your to read list? What are you looking forward to reading this summer? Please share, and let’s explore the world of books!




A really good idea… What is a really good idea?

It was a really good idea to visit my boyfriend this last weekend – he is doing an internship out of town and I missed him so much! We went out to eat, saw a movie, cooked dinner together, and spent time watching Parks and Rec. It was the perfect visit.

It was a really good idea to tutor this summer. I work in the evenings so my days are free to blog, exercise, and do anything else my heart desires! I also have not had any students ask for help from me yet, so as of now I am being paid to study for the GRE. Now THAT is a really, really good thing!

It was a really good idea to watch Aladdin and have some wine last night! Haha!

It’s a really good idea to go and exercise this afternoon. I did a good job of working out everyday last week and I want to keep the progress up!

It’s a really good idea to study my Spanish. I have not been doing any work towards this goal. The hardest part of any task is just starting it, so it would be a really good idea to start today!

Have you had any good ideas today? This month? The year? EVER?! Please share, and let’s explore our really good ideas!

A Time When You Were Frightened – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

When I was little I was afraid of losing my mom in the grocery store and scared of thunderstorms. When I was younger I was fearful of others judging me. But in the spring of last year, I became extremely frightened of things within myself.

The spring of my sophomore year of college was an extremely difficult time for me. I had friends and I was enjoying my classes, but not everything felt right. Outside of class I spent a lot of time by myself. This was mostly because my best friends lived off campus while I lived in a dorm room by myself. I also wasn’t feeling very confident. I was constantly putting myself down and questioning myself.

I was unaware of the loneliness and anxiety accumulating until one day I broke down. I called my mom hyperventilating, about how I hated being alone. About how I couldn’t stop negative self talk. About how I would start a cycle of insecure thoughts and how I couldn’t stop them from going around my head.

After this situation I became very aware of how frightened I was of the loneliness and anxiety within myself.  I was getting the tools I needed to overcome it, but simply by being aware I was a thousand times more frightened.

A little over a year later and I am a THOUSAND times better. While there were times I felt like I might never get to this point, I am very proud of myself for conquering the fear within.

When was a time you were frightened? Is there anything that still scares you? By exploring these fears, we will be able to overcome them.

Something Good From Last Week – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Last week, I had the chance to attend and present at my workplace’s conference! This was very exciting for me because it was the very first conference I have ever attended and really enjoyed it.

I work at my university’s academic success center, so the conference was full of other employees from other success center’s from around the country! And the best part? I was given free food and paid to attend!!!

I also had the chance to give a presentation about how to help students feel engaged with tutoring! At first I was really nervous, but I had an awesome presentation partner and the audience that attended was very attentive. When it was over I felt great! And I even received a few business cards!

What is something good that happened to you last week? Let’s explore the good in our lives and world!

A Step You Have Taken Towards Your Goals – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

This month I have a few personal goals: to exercise everyday, study for the GRE, blog more, and practice my Spanish. So, how have I been doing with my goals?

Exercise Everyday

For the last week, I have been doing a great job! I have gone to the gym every morning to have a good start to the day. I don’t do a very difficult workout each day just to give my body a break in between intenser workouts, but I do keep up with my butt and gut challenge! This challenge builds in difficulty throughout the moth and also has rest days, so it fits perfectly into my routine. If you would like to see what I’m doing for exercise and try out some moves yourself, you can checkout the butt and gut challenge too!


Study The GRE

As of last night, I have taken the first steps to studying for the GRE! I have a 5 lb. study book and took the diagnostic tests yesterday. Now I have a better idea of what to study so when it is time to take the exam, I can earn high scores! I only have a year of college left and want to apply to excellent graduate programs, so I only have a limited time to make this goal a reality.


Blog More

Having just started my blog challenge, this should not be too hard to accomplish! I am really looking forward to the prompts and writing about thing I would have never thought of on my own. I also have some other post ideas that I would love to write about in addition to this challenge. It should be a very successful month for this goal!

Practice My Spanish

This is a goal I have not been good about working towards. I have told myself everyday this week to set aside time for this, but I have not. This goal is very important for two reasons. One, I am going to Chile for 6 weeks in July and I want to be as prepared as possible! Two, I am not sure if I will be able to take anymore Spanish classes in college. I only have a year left before I graduate and I have already taken all the required Spanish courses for my degree. As one of my favorite Spanish phrases goes, “Vamos a ver…”

FullSizeRender (1)

Do you have any goals for this month? Have you made any progress towards accomplishing them? Join me and explore our goals today!



I am so very excited to start a blog challenge this month! I found the following questions on Pinterest, and felt like they were very fun and creative so that the posts would challenge me as a blogger and provide insight on my life for you as a reader. So without further ado, here is my blog challenge for the month!



I also want to give a shout out to BeaFree and Roxanne who are also doing challenges this month! Please check them out and give them some love!

Liebster Award

YAY! Another award! I am very very thankful to Beafree for always nominating everyone for awards, she has such a big heart! Please go look at her wonderful page!


1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

11 Questions:

1. Where would you like to visit?

EVERYWHERE! But if I only had to choose one place, I would choose Ireland since I have never been and it looks beautiful!

2. Other than English, can you speak any other languages?

I am conversational in Spanish! I also remember a few words of German from high school and would love to learn it again.

3. Do you prefer to bake or cook?

I prefer to cook since to me, it seems like it offers more variety.

4. Would you rather go out to eat or stay home and cook?

I think I would want to go out… it costs more but there is no prep or cleanup!

5. Are you good about answering your phone calls, texts and emails or do you often forget?

I always have my phone with me! Haha!

6. Are you a country person or a city person?

Definitely the city!

7. What kind of music do you prefer to list to?

At the moment I prefer blues style music.

8. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

Going to the beach with my family!

9. Do you have a go to outfit?

Jeans and a striped long sleeved shirt! It’s always cute and casual.

10. Wild night out or stay home and chill?

Stay at home and chill! Especially with Netflix and pizza!

11. Are you good at bowling?

No siree! Haha!

Questions to You:

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

2. Who is your role model?

3. Red wine or white wine?

4. Hot weather or cold weather?

5. What is your favorite movie genre?

6. What are you watching on Netflix right now?

7. What is your preferred social media?

8. What is your favorite flower?

9. Who is your celebrity crush?

10. Do you like any sports?

11. How did you get interested in blogging?


I would like to nominate Sarah for this award! Sarah, do not feel pressured to do this but I would love to see your answers! She has an INCREDIBLE blog and I would love it if everyone would check her and give her some positive words!



Essential Oil Perfume

Summer is here and with it brings warmer nights and… stinky sweat? Ew. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for showers and deodorant. But what if you want to smell noticeably good?

Here is my dilemma. I love the smell of perfume, but hate the ingredients in them. According to an eBay article, some perfumes may not disclose all the ingredients but instead just use the word fragrance. Usually all the ingredients used to make this fragrance are synthetic, and if you live in the US the FDA does not check if these synthetic ingredients are safe before they hit stores…

I know, I know. I sound paranoid. But since coming to college I have tried to be more conscious of what I use on my body and in my living space so my body, my spirit, and the earth can be cleaner. I believe that using essential oils to make perfume can help me and the earth feel (and smell) better!

Not only are many essential oils labeled as organic or natural, but it is much easier to access information on these types of products on websites like Essential oils can also be used as alternative medicine! I use lavender and peppermint oil often for headaches and congestion.

While I haven’t made essential oil perfume yet, I have made a guide for when I do! It has all the information you need in order to make a scent perfect for you!


Have you made essential oil perfume before? Do you like or dislike essential oil? Please comment with your thoughts so we can explore the world of essential oils!


Hello Friends!

Many of you probably do not know, but I am a university student in the US. And as of today I am FINISHED WITH SPRING CLASSES. Thank the Lord! Hallelujah! YAY!

I had exams until last Tuesday which were difficult and strenuous. The most difficult exam for me was my advanced Spanish grammar exam. I had to explain different grammar definitions in Spanish as well as use different grammar techniques. I think the definitions were the hardest part…

I had a quick break on Wednesday, but on Thursday and Friday I was with my family celebrating my sister! Thursday my sister graduated from college! YAY! And on Friday she was commissioned into the military! DOUBLE YAY! I am a very proud sister and excited to see what the next chapter of her life brings!

Now that the spring is over, the summer is starting. I will continue working as a tutor for the first six weeks of summer before going to Chile for a six week internship! YAY! I may also be starting a job as a writer at my university’s newspaper. DOUBLE YAY!

Despite the excitement that is coming up I am more determined than ever to devote time to blogging. I want to become more active by posting more often, maybe take part in a challenge, participate in awards, and reach out and get to know more of the blogging community!

Has anything exciting happened to anyone as of late? Is anyone looking forward to exciting things to come? Do you have any ideas on how else I can become more involved??? Please comment below and help me explore the blogging world!

Happy (Belated) World Book Day!

Happy (Belated) World Book Day! Even though every day should be book day, I didn’t realize there was an official day dedicated to celebrating books and reading! To me this is very exciting, and I would like to celebrate by celebrating what I’ve read, what I am reading, and what I hope to read soon!


One of my favorite books of all time is To Kill A Mockingbird. I didn’t read it until I was in high school, but I have read it multiple times since and have also purchased a copy in Spanish to help me learn the language! There are so many things to love about this book. I love Scout’s spunk and every time I read the book I relate to her character in a new way. I relate to her growing pains the most: figuring out right from wrong, what kindness is, what unfairness is. It’s all these lessons that make this story so easy to come back to again and again.

I also read Hidden Figures earlier this year, and it was such an amazing story! I had the chance to meet the author and understand how she was inspired to write her book. She grew up in the town where the story takes place, and also grew up knowing the women she wrote about! She also takes a very holistic approach to the history in the book. It is not only black history. It is not only women’s history. It is not only the history of aerospace engineering. It is all three, and much much more.

The next book I am excited to read is A Farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway. I would have never imagined reading this book if it weren’t for the fact that I had the chance to visit the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida. There I had the chance to learn about Hemingway’s life, and specifically what influenced him to write A Farewell To Arms. As a young man he served the Red Cross in World War I, and eventually was seriously injured. During his time in a hospital he fell in love with, and had his heart broken, by a nurse that took care of him. One of the many stories loosely based on his life, the book is a dramatic story of love and war that I am excited to dive into.

What are your favorite books? Have you read anything interesting lately? Now? Is there anything you want to read or recommend?  As we explore the world of books, I want to share on of my favorite book quotes with you…

“The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think.” – Harper Lee