A Time When You Were Frightened – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

When I was little I was afraid of losing my mom in the grocery store and scared of thunderstorms. When I was younger I was fearful of others judging me. But in the spring of last year, I became extremely frightened of things within myself.

The spring of my sophomore year of college was an extremely difficult time for me. I had friends and I was enjoying my classes, but not everything felt right. Outside of class I spent a lot of time by myself. This was mostly because my best friends lived off campus while I lived in a dorm room by myself. I also wasn’t feeling very confident. I was constantly putting myself down and questioning myself.

I was unaware of the loneliness and anxiety accumulating until one day I broke down. I called my mom hyperventilating, about how I hated being alone. About how I couldn’t stop negative self talk. About how I would start a cycle of insecure thoughts and how I couldn’t stop them from going around my head.

After this situation I became very aware of how frightened I was of the loneliness and anxiety within myself.  I was getting the tools I needed to overcome it, but simply by being aware I was a thousand times more frightened.

A little over a year later and I am a THOUSAND times better. While there were times I felt like I might never get to this point, I am very proud of myself for conquering the fear within.

When was a time you were frightened? Is there anything that still scares you? By exploring these fears, we will be able to overcome them.


3 thoughts on “A Time When You Were Frightened – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

    • Of course!!! I went to see a counselor at my university and they gave my a lot of tools. Every time I start negative self talk I make myself stop in my tracks. Then I ask myself things like if there is evidence for why I should think that and if it will matter in five years. By stopping it and asking myself these questions I’m able to calm myself down and interpret situations better. I hope this makes sense and helps!!! ❤️

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