The Best Thing About Your Day – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Until I go to Chile, I’m not doing a lot this summer! Luckily what I am up to is pretty fun! Most nights I work at my university tutoring center. Not many students have come by for the subject I tutor (or in general), so usually the other tutors and I talk and hang out! It’s also the perfect time to study for the GRE. All in all, I’m basically getting paid to sit there and enjoy my evening.

The other thing that’s been fun is my astronomy class! It’s very relaxed and we’re learning fun things like how to use star charts and telescopes. Tonight we learned about where the seas on the moon are! The subject is really interesting and I always look forward to class.

One thing that is not fun is that I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days. I think my sinuses are acting up because I’ve been petsitting! 😦 I didn’t grow up with pets and pet allergies run in my family, so I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to figure things out. Hopefully I can find some help! It also makes me sad because the pets I’m watching are very sweet and I would hate it if they were making me sick!

What’s the best (or worst) part of your day? Is there anything you look forward to? Let’s explore the little things that make us happy!


One thought on “The Best Thing About Your Day – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

  1. It’s amazing that you’re going to Africa though! It’s a beautiful place! I’ve only ever been to two countries out of the entire content. I loved this and I’m looking forward to reading your future content!
Come visit some time!
💗, Mena from


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