This concept is basically the antithesis of my last post! Haha! So instead of discussing traits and habits I want to kick to the curb, I’ll be talking about habits I want to pick up!


I would love to have more time to cook! It’s hard to cook during the school year since I work in the evenings and have a lot to study, but I try to make time for it once or twice a week. So far my favorite things to prepare for the week are pretty simple: salads, homemade dressings, fruits, and veggies. But I would like to try cooking chicken or fish and making sauces to go on top! I want to try cooking different dishes to expand my skills and have fun!


Now, I’m not that interested in high intensity workouts or building a large amount of muscle. But I would love to learn more about different exercises so I can do more than one workout when I go to the gym! I enjoy the time I spend exercising and want to keep my body in good shape for my health, so I might as well have fun doing it! I need to spend some time looking at magazines and online to find different activities outside of weight machines and cardio.


Whether it’s English, Spanish, or something new I would love to learn more! Studying for the GRE I have learned a lot of new words, and I still look up words for Spanish often even though I am confident holding conversations.  I really enjoy that there is still more to learn in languages that I feel comfortable with! I’d also love to learn a new language. I have forgotten a lot of German since I studied it in high school and I would love to learn it again. And even though it isn’t used anymore, I think Latin is fascinating. And don’t even get me started on the history of languages… who knows, maybe I’m meant to be a linguist???

What is an area you want to grow in? Is it a skill you want to learn, or a more personal trait you wish to develop? Join me and let’s explore how we can grow!


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