I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. What is my dream job??? I’m a year away from graduating college but after that I’m planning on going to grad school, so that should buy me some time! There are a few things I know I want out of my dream job though.

One thing I know for sure is that I want to help the environment. My very first summer job was giving cavern tours and working outside. I think this had a huge influence on me! Getting to spend time in nature and see others enjoy made a huge impact on me. I also grew up in a town with a river that many people come to tube and near a lake that my family and I would visit during the summers. While I never went camping or did anything very difficult outdoors, I spent a lot of time outside at home and on vacations. All of that time instilled a love of nature in me, and I would love a career where I work to protect nature for others.

I’ve also always been interested in politics and the government! I could never work as a politician because that would be too much stress but I think it would be interesting to work with the government. It has the potential to impact so many people and I would love to use that potential to make a positive impact and make lives better. Another way I would love to make a positive impact is through NGOs. NGOs also have a lot of potential to help others and enrich lives, and I would absolutely love to do that.

What is your dream job? Have you found it? Or are you still looking for it like me? Join me and let’s explore where our dreams can take us!


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