Keeping My Apartment Clean and Green

Now that I’m back from Chile and about to start school again, I am back in my apartment! YAY! I have the best apartment in the world. The furniture and layout are awesome, my room feels like my room, and I get to live with my best friends! What more could a girl ask for? Probably a clean apartment! Haha! Having a clean apartment is so important for me and my roommate’s comfort. But I hate using anything with harsh chemicals that aren’t necessarily great for me or for the environment. So how do I keep my apartment clean and green?

Seventh Generation products! Seventh Generation is a certified B corporation – B corporations have a better working environment, provide more for the working community, and have better standards for how they treat the environment. They list ALL the ingridients for a product on the label and the majority of their products are USDA Certified Biobased Product, meaning that the product contains a verified amount of renewable biological ingredients. I feel very safe using these products knowing that I’m not surronded by a lot of synthetic chemicals and that my apartment will feel clean and fresh afterwards! So which products are my favorites?


Disinfecting wipes. I feel like these are a must for basically everyone! And these disinfecting wipes work just as well as any other! They kill 99.9% of germs and get rid of cold and flu viruses with a refreshing feeling afterward.

Narural dish liquid. Again, it works just as well as any other product, but you can feel assured that no harmful chemicals will be going down your drain. I also love the citrus scent, it smells amazing!

Toilet bowl cleaner. No one likes cleaning their toilet. I still don’t! But this product doesn’t have and strong fumes, so cleaning the toilet isn’t as bad anymore.

All purpose natural cleaner. I usually use this one for the shower and the shower in my apartment is a plastic tub and plastic walls since it is intended for students. The plastic doesn’t bother me, but I feel like it’s easy to see when it gets dirty. This product does the trick of removing all the grim so I can feel clean while getting clean!

Do you have some favorite green products? What are they? Join me and let’s explore how to make our homes a little greener!

Essential Oil Perfume

Summer is here and with it brings warmer nights and… stinky sweat? Ew. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for showers and deodorant. But what if you want to smell noticeably good?

Here is my dilemma. I love the smell of perfume, but hate the ingredients in them. According to an eBay article, some perfumes may not disclose all the ingredients but instead just use the word fragrance. Usually all the ingredients used to make this fragrance are synthetic, and if you live in the US the FDA does not check if these synthetic ingredients are safe before they hit stores…

I know, I know. I sound paranoid. But since coming to college I have tried to be more conscious of what I use on my body and in my living space so my body, my spirit, and the earth can be cleaner. I believe that using essential oils to make perfume can help me and the earth feel (and smell) better!

Not only are many essential oils labeled as organic or natural, but it is much easier to access information on these types of products on websites like Essential oils can also be used as alternative medicine! I use lavender and peppermint oil often for headaches and congestion.

While I haven’t made essential oil perfume yet, I have made a guide for when I do! It has all the information you need in order to make a scent perfect for you!


Have you made essential oil perfume before? Do you like or dislike essential oil? Please comment with your thoughts so we can explore the world of essential oils!