What To Pack – Packing Part 1

Hello Friends!

I have some exciting news! I LEAVE FOR CHILE IN 3 DAYS! That’s right. It’s time to get everything together for my big trip!

I wanted to commemorate my pre-departure excitement by talking about packing! When I was thinking of this post I started looking at Pinterest and other blog posts about packing. A lot of the things I saw were very specific – which style of clothes to pack and how many of each item. While I don’t want to write about what I am packing specifically, I do want to write about the strategies I used to decide what to put in my luggage!

Mix & Match

The one strategy that anyone should use while packing whether they are packing for 6 weeks or 6 days is to bring clothes that you can mix and match! This will make deciding on an outfit each day easier. For each shirt I’m packing I have two or three cardigans to wear with it and three or four pairs of pants that match a shirt! This will make it easy to plan outfits the day before or throw something on in the morning. And since I’ll be in Chile for 6 weeks I can wear a variety of outfits without repeating the same one more than twice!


Another strategy that ties in with the idea of mixing and matching is to pack clothes that are easy to wear as layers! For example, I am taking many cardigans and pullovers that are easy and cute to wear with a button down or long sleeve shirt. This is especially important to me since I am traveling to a place where it is winter right now. But even on spring break or summer vacation when I’m going somewhere warm, I try to pack a cardigan that matches with the other clothes I packed.

The Right Amount

It’s important to have the right amount of clothes for your trip as well as the right amount of toiletries! While I was researching for this post, the idea of packing toiletries or buying them at your destination seemed like a commonly debated topic. But for me, I prefer to pack my toiletries before I leave on any trip. This is so I have my favorite products and the right amount for the length of my trip. Again, I’m going to be abroad for 6 weeks so I want some products that I know work for me (such as shampoo), so I went ahead and bought some brand new toiletries as to not run out while I’m away. I may not be able to buy my favorite brand in Chile, and it will make me comfortable and remind me of home too!

What are some rules you have for packing? Is there something you always take or leave at home? Join me as we look at how we prepare before we explore the world!


6 thoughts on “What To Pack – Packing Part 1

  1. I leave for my Florida vacation in a few weeks, but I’m only going to be gone 5 days as opposed to 6 weeks. It definitely makes packing easier. Although, I usually just go with the bare minimum because I hate packing and unpacking.

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    • Unpacking is the worst!!! Tomorrow I’m actually going to be posting about how I like to pack to make it a little easier! And 5 days in Florida sounds AMAZING!!! 🙂


  2. I’m so jealous have an amazing time in Chile!! When I’m packing I always take plenty of face wipes, because I can never be bothered to do a full skin care routine when I’m away, but a face wash always leaves me feeling more refreshed!! Look forward to seeing a blog post all about your time away!! X

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