For me to relax there are a few things I need!

The first thing I need is a relaxing space. Usually this is in my bedroom or in my living room. I feel the most relaxed at home so it is always a relief to come back to my apartment at the end of the day after going to school and work.

Then depending on my mood I hang out with my roommates or go to my room to decompress. It’s hard to say what part of my mood is the deciding factor for this, because sometimes laughing and talking with my roommates is the perfect antidote for a bad day. But there are other times, probably when I’m particularly anxious or overwhelmed, that I would rather be by myself for an hour or so to just play on my phone or watch Netflix.

The third ingredient for me to relax is something to take my mind off my day! Even if I had a great day, sometimes it’s nice to escape the world for a little while through a book, a good TV show, or maybe even some cooking! This break is especially important after a busy day of school and work to give my mind a rest before doing any homework or studying I may have that night.

What are some essential elements you need to relax? A video game? Blogging? Exercising? Join me and let’s explore our favorite ways to relax!


2 thoughts on “A Way You Relax – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

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