The Person You Are Currently Grateful For – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

As of late, the person I am the most grateful for is my Dad! There has been a lot going on the last few weeks that has made me especially grateful for having a dad like him in my life.


A picture of Dad and me on family vacation in Key West. Aren’t my dad and I cute?!

My dad is always there for me. In one of my last posts I talked about how my car broke down and how my family was there to help me out of a bad situation. My dad dropped everything to drive two hours to where my car was broken down, drive my car another hour to my apartment, then spent the whole next day trying to fix the problem himself! My dad has always been there to help me when I need it, even if it is difficult for him, and I am super grateful for that.

My dad has also been extremely supportive of me. When I told him I wanted to go to Chile, he supported me in wanting to go and travel the world. When I told him I wanted to go to graduate school, he supported me in wanting to go and further my education. My path has been a little different from my family’s. Both my parents served or are serving in the military and my sister just entered active duty, while I have never desired to join the military. In response to this, my dad supports me. He tells me that I should follow my passions and do what makes me happy. And I am so, so grateful for that.

He has done more than these things, too. He has always been making me laugh, teaching me about cars and finances (sometimes against my will), and showing me how to help others. And for that, I am grateful.

Who are you currently grateful for? A family member? A friend? A stranger even? Join me and let’s explore how these people have made an impact on our lives.



For me to relax there are a few things I need!

The first thing I need is a relaxing space. Usually this is in my bedroom or in my living room. I feel the most relaxed at home so it is always a relief to come back to my apartment at the end of the day after going to school and work.

Then depending on my mood I hang out with my roommates or go to my room to decompress. It’s hard to say what part of my mood is the deciding factor for this, because sometimes laughing and talking with my roommates is the perfect antidote for a bad day. But there are other times, probably when I’m particularly anxious or overwhelmed, that I would rather be by myself for an hour or so to just play on my phone or watch Netflix.

The third ingredient for me to relax is something to take my mind off my day! Even if I had a great day, sometimes it’s nice to escape the world for a little while through a book, a good TV show, or maybe even some cooking! This break is especially important after a busy day of school and work to give my mind a rest before doing any homework or studying I may have that night.

What are some essential elements you need to relax? A video game? Blogging? Exercising? Join me and let’s explore our favorite ways to relax!


When people are talking, they tend to overuse the word “need” in place of the word “want.” I know I tend to do this when I speak, saying things like “I need a piece of that cake!”

While I am very well off and am not in an urgent need of much, there are a couple things I think I need…

need to get on a better sleep schedule! Basically the whole month of June I haven’t been going to bed or waking up at the same time each day. I have also done a bad job of winding down before I go to bed. This is aggravating because I usually end up sleeping in until who knows when and staying in my pj’s all day. My work and class schedule doesn’t help either because I work in the evenings and my astronomy class is after work. I need to practice a better sleep schedule and better sleep habits so I know when I’m going to bed, when I’m going to wake up, and that I’m going to be rested for the day.

need to practice my Spanish! Believe it or not I leave for Chile in less than 10 days. (I am mostly saying that to myself, haha!) This means that I will be eating, breathing, working, and living in a country where they only speak Spanish. I need to prepare for that by studying the language and by practicing using it so when I arrive there I am not completely hopeless. The last thing I want is to be completing dependent on someone who can speak English to me and seeming rude and unaware. I want to be able to hold conversations and understand what is going on around me, and for that to happen I need to practice Spanish!

I also need to eat a healthy diet! This can hard for a college student because some days I don’t feel like cooking, some days I eat three pieces of pizza and a Coca Cola (like yesterday…), and some days when I eat because I’m bored. This isn’t healthy for my body and I want to treat it with the utmost respect. While I am trying to do this by having salad and sweet potatoes for my meals this week, I still feel tempted by soda and sweet treats. Despite this, I need to resist that temptation so I can have a healthy mind and body to live life to the fullest!

What is something you need? Do you need to run an errand? Do you need to do something for yourself? Let’s explore what we need to do to make ourselves better people and the world a better place!

What Motivates You? – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

Whether I’m studying, exercising, doing crafts, or even blogging I always think of why I started!

I start something because I believe I can do it successfully and enjoy doing it too! Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that I have to do for school or for work. But just because I have to do it doesn’t mean I’m not motivated to do it well.

When I start something, I always envision myself being proud of what I created at the end. I am ultimately motivated by making something that I can be proud of. And I know that if I do my best and am proud of the product that others will be too.

What motivates you? Is it yourself, your family, or a goal you ultimately hope to achieve? Let’s explore what motivates us to do our best!

An Exceptional Skill You Posses – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

What is an exceptional skill I posses?


While I have not always been kind to myself, I have always made it a priority to be kind to others.

I lend a helping hand to others when I can. I offer a friendly smile and lend an ear when I can. I listen to listen, I don’t listen to reply. I ask questions and talk to others with the intention of making them feel happy. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I also try to show kindness through my actions. Holding doors open, cleaning up after myself, I believe that even small gestures can make a difference.

What is your exceptional skill? Let’s explore what makes us all special!



This concept is basically the antithesis of my last post! Haha! So instead of discussing traits and habits I want to kick to the curb, I’ll be talking about habits I want to pick up!


I would love to have more time to cook! It’s hard to cook during the school year since I work in the evenings and have a lot to study, but I try to make time for it once or twice a week. So far my favorite things to prepare for the week are pretty simple: salads, homemade dressings, fruits, and veggies. But I would like to try cooking chicken or fish and making sauces to go on top! I want to try cooking different dishes to expand my skills and have fun!


Now, I’m not that interested in high intensity workouts or building a large amount of muscle. But I would love to learn more about different exercises so I can do more than one workout when I go to the gym! I enjoy the time I spend exercising and want to keep my body in good shape for my health, so I might as well have fun doing it! I need to spend some time looking at magazines and online to find different activities outside of weight machines and cardio.


Whether it’s English, Spanish, or something new I would love to learn more! Studying for the GRE I have learned a lot of new words, and I still look up words for Spanish often even though I am confident holding conversations.  I really enjoy that there is still more to learn in languages that I feel comfortable with! I’d also love to learn a new language. I have forgotten a lot of German since I studied it in high school and I would love to learn it again. And even though it isn’t used anymore, I think Latin is fascinating. And don’t even get me started on the history of languages… who knows, maybe I’m meant to be a linguist???

What is an area you want to grow in? Is it a skill you want to learn, or a more personal trait you wish to develop? Join me and let’s explore how we can grow!

Something To Give Up – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to end a bad habit. While I’ve never tried this consciously, there are definitely some bad habits I’d like to kick!

Negative Thinking

This is something I definitely struggle with. Sometimes it’s easy for me to slump into a negative attitude. Sometimes it’s easy for me to bring myself down. Sometimes it’s too easy for me to worry. All of these are a waste of my time and energy, and I end up feeling anxious over being negative almost daily. Recently I have been telling myself that happiness is a choice and to find something good in every day. This has been helping me a lot, and hopefully if I keep it up I can replace my bad habit with an awesome one!


I think this is something everyone has a problem with at times, haha! I let myself procrastinate on things I’m dreading and on things I’m excited to do. Cleaning, blogging, studying, exercising, errands, and goals I procrastinate. I’d much rather sit on the couch and play on my phone. I know that I should do my chores instead of procrastinating so that way I can do nothing guilt free! I’d like to give up procrastinating so I can get things done and feel accomplished and proud of myself!


What is something you want to give up? A habit? A food? Giving up isn’t always a bad thing. No matter what you want to give up, let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Words You Need To Share – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

Words to share. Hm. This is a little difficult for me, because there is nothing personal I feel I need to share on my blog, since I try my best to be as open and honest as I can on here. Instead of sharing my own words, I want to share some of my favorite quotes and sayings in hopes that they will resonate with those of you reading this.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

St. Augustine

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore

What are your favorite quotes and sayings? Are there any words you need to share? Let’s explore our thoughts together!



Reasons To Feel Happy – JUNE BLOG CHALLENGE

This is not something I have been reflecting on as much as I should lately. In the last few days I have had a lot of car trouble so I’ve let a little cloud hang over my head. But now I am happy to think of reasons to be happy!

  1.  I have an incredibly supportive family. My car broke down when I was driving back to college from my hometown and my family dropped everything to come to my rescue. My sister came to pick me up from the gas station where I was stranded and my parents went to pick my car up from the gas station a few hours later. The next day my dad and I tried to fix the problem on our own. Although we didn’t fix the problem, I got to spend a lot of time with my dad and that was really awesome.
  2. I am getting new appliances tomorrow! The apartment where I live has been going through renovations slowly but surely. A few months ago they put in new hardwood floors, a month ago they replaced the old furniture with new furniture, and tomorrow they are putting in new appliances! This means they’ll be giving the apartment a new oven and oven top, refrigerator, and washer and dryer. I am very excited because this is the last stage of the renovation and my roommates and I don’t have to pay for any of it!
  3. I leave for Chile in 2 weeks! This is very surreal to me because my trip does not feel that close. I still have a couple things to do like order some of the currency and get some of my prescriptions but I am almost ready to go! Luckily I have a friend that is already down there and she has been giving me advice about clothes and money which I am very grateful for! I am so excited for this trip!
  4. I am about to be a senior in college! This is bittersweet, but I am excited nonetheless. I miss going to classes, I miss my on campus job, I miss my roommates, I miss my boyfriend, and I miss going to different fun events with them. I am working on a Senior Year Bucket List so I can have the best senior year possible!

Writing this post has put me in a super duper good mood! What are your reasons to be happy? Let’s explore these things and feel happier together!


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. What is my dream job??? I’m a year away from graduating college but after that I’m planning on going to grad school, so that should buy me some time! There are a few things I know I want out of my dream job though.

One thing I know for sure is that I want to help the environment. My very first summer job was giving cavern tours and working outside. I think this had a huge influence on me! Getting to spend time in nature and see others enjoy made a huge impact on me. I also grew up in a town with a river that many people come to tube and near a lake that my family and I would visit during the summers. While I never went camping or did anything very difficult outdoors, I spent a lot of time outside at home and on vacations. All of that time instilled a love of nature in me, and I would love a career where I work to protect nature for others.

I’ve also always been interested in politics and the government! I could never work as a politician because that would be too much stress but I think it would be interesting to work with the government. It has the potential to impact so many people and I would love to use that potential to make a positive impact and make lives better. Another way I would love to make a positive impact is through NGOs. NGOs also have a lot of potential to help others and enrich lives, and I would absolutely love to do that.

What is your dream job? Have you found it? Or are you still looking for it like me? Join me and let’s explore where our dreams can take us!