Hello Friends!

Many of you probably do not know, but I am a university student in the US. And as of today I am FINISHED WITH SPRING CLASSES. Thank the Lord! Hallelujah! YAY!

I had exams until last Tuesday which were difficult and strenuous. The most difficult exam for me was my advanced Spanish grammar exam. I had to explain different grammar definitions in Spanish as well as use different grammar techniques. I think the definitions were the hardest part…

I had a quick break on Wednesday, but on Thursday and Friday I was with my family celebrating my sister! Thursday my sister graduated from college! YAY! And on Friday she was commissioned into the military! DOUBLE YAY! I am a very proud sister and excited to see what the next chapter of her life brings!

Now that the spring is over, the summer is starting. I will continue working as a tutor for the first six weeks of summer before going to Chile for a six week internship! YAY! I may also be starting a job as a writer at my university’s newspaper. DOUBLE YAY!

Despite the excitement that is coming up I am more determined than ever to devote time to blogging. I want to become more active by posting more often, maybe take part in a challenge, participate in awards, and reach out and get to know more of the blogging community!

Has anything exciting happened to anyone as of late? Is anyone looking forward to exciting things to come? Do you have any ideas on how else I can become more involved??? Please comment below and help me explore the blogging world!



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