One of my FAVORITE things to try is new recipes! This is not something I have explored on my blog, but during the day I love to read about different recipes! Today I hope to share some of the recipes I’d like to try with you!

Maple Dijon Chicken

Blackberry-Babe-Headshot-2-768x512Two of my favorite toppings are dijon mustard and maple syrup. This recipe combines the two! I found the recipe on Pinterest but it come from blackberrybabe.com. The recipe only has five ingredients and takes thirty minutes to make! How great is that??? This is a recipe I am very excited to try!

Baked Parmesan Sweet Potatoes

baked-parmesan-sweet-potatoes-3This is another dish with two of my favorite foods! (If you couldn’t already tell, I have a lot of favorite foods.) This is a side dish from lilluna.com, and I can see it accompanying many different kinds of main dishes. This dish doesn’t have many ingredients either, but it takes a little bit longer since the recipe calls for cubed sweet potatoes and for the dish to be baked for about twenty minutes. Again, I’m excited to try this since it looks like it can go with almost any main dish!

Blueberry Arugula Salad

DSC_0019This recipe comes from broccoliandmuffins.com and has the quickest preparation time at five minutes! It’s another recipe with not many ingredients (Are you sensing a theme here?) and the most work is put into creating the dressing. It’s a sweet and earthy salad with the blueberry, oregano, arugula, and honey that I can not wait to try!

What new thing do you want to try? A recipe? A hobby? Let’s explore the world of options ahead of us!